Who We Are

There is an urgent shortage of organ donors in the UK and sadly hundreds of people are still waiting for a transplant and some die waiting.

Jain and Hindu Organ Donation Steering Group was established following a meeting in Parliament organised by Lord Jitesh Gadhia and Kirit Modi in July 2019.  Since then, we have established a national reputation for leading on organ donation in our communities and are regularly approached by NHS Blood & Transplant and others to work with them. We are now extending our work to promote blood and stem cell donation to help those in need of these as well.

Our work extends beyond raising awareness and includes:
  • Development content including short films and promotional material on the change in the law to Deemed Consent (Opt-Out) in England in partnership with NHSBT.
  • Support community organisations in seeking funding to promote organ donation through the Community Investment Scheme (CIS) and contributing to reports and strategy.
  • Facilitate and provide speakers/ambassadors to promote awareness at local and national events.
  • Create and promote campaigns including the Paryushan and Diwali and resources that will encourage communities to talk about organ donation and ultimately register their organ donation decision.

Our Team

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